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I was so lucky the day I found Project 3 Designs!   After trying myself to create my own blog design and falling quite short of the beautiful designs I was seeing all over the Internet, I was wondering what on earth do to.   I heard about Project 3 Designs from a blogging friend, and it was the best tip I ever had.  At first, I was a little timid about asking Project 3 Designs for what I wanted,  and I didn't change everything at once.  Slowly I asked for more graphic arts little jobs, and am so happy I finally asked for what I was envisioning in my head.  I could see it with my mind's eye,  but I certainly could not create anything I really liked.  McKenna could do what I could only imagine, quickly and perfectly.  Where I failed miserably, McKenna could pick up and dramatically improve or create with whatever minimal directions I provided.  Her talents are my blessing!
I highly recommend McKenna of Project 3 Designs (she is Project 3 Designs, I realized).  If you are like me and wondering how everyone gets beautiful blog designs, this is where to go for graphic art and technical help.  McKenna has reasonable rates, is extremely talented, understands with little description, and is willing to redo her work until you are satisfied.  She even installed the designs for me which I know took her hours!
I have two blogs myself that Project 3 Designs created and improved.  I have a website, too, that she helped with.  She is a dream to work with, can produce what you are only imagining, and will solve this problem for you.  My husband is a penny pincher, and even he agrees McKenna is worth every penny and more!  I have had so many compliments on my blogs now that I certainly was not getting before, and my stats have dramatically improved. 
Thank you, Project 3 Designs! 

Carolyn Wilhelm, MS, MA, NBCT

Polka dots, bumblebees, kiddos....oh my!  I love all things dottie, my last name will make ya buzz and kiddos are my passion.....most importantly, I am Mckenna's #1 fan!  This girl is good sweet friends, soooo good!  I needed a creative space to share the craziness of my classroom with my families..... Mckenna got the job done and then some!  My classroom blog is a dream come true!  Being super OCD, extremely meticulous and a wee bit controlling, I feared I would never find someone who could take my ramblings and ideas and turn them into a final product.  That's where Mckenna came in.  She listened so very patiently to my hopes, wishes and dreams then busted out
ever!!  I have been bothering her non-stop ever since!  She is cah-razy fast, super sweet, sooo willing to please and easy on the pocket book.  My only regret.... not finding this girl sooner!  She has created my classroom blog, a magnet for my car (yes, I am riding in style!) and might just start workin' on my family blog soon!  I love this girl to pieces and I am super sure you will too!

Bee you with Mckenna!
xo Mrs. Stre-bee 

Have you ever dreamed of something and then you get exactly what you wanted?  Well that is what happened when I worked with Mckenna at Project 3 Designs.  I dreamed of a teacher resource think tank...with bright colors and images.  I wanted it to have a friendly feel but also be a useful resource for teachers. I had NO idea how to make this happen but Mckenna was a mind reader.  She started right away talking with me about what colors I was drawn to and any graphics that I liked.  She invited me to head to other blogs and send her links of things on their blogs I liked.  As we communicated through email, Project 3 sent me daily links to my blog template so that I could watch the progress.  I will tell you that it only took a few emails before Mckenna had read my mind and I was swallowed into the beautiful world of peace signs and polka dots.  She designed my blog from the top to the bottom and continues to tweak it as needed with out question.  She often sends me ideas that I have never even thought of to enhance my site.  

She also created my button that is posted on some  of the very same blogs that she used as inspirations for mine.  My new design has allowed my blog to become more attractive to followers, easier to use, and just so darn cute!  I have been able to market myself better due to having a constant and recognizable image on the web.  

If you are considering a blog or a blog redo I highly recommend working with Miss Stafford at Project 3 Designs.  In fact...I plan to continue to use this site to further update my blog and future ventures.  

- Monica Schroeder
The Schroeder Page

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