Payment on all custom orders require a deposit of 20.00.  Scrapbook kits and istockphoto graphics will be added to your final fee.  Payment made via PayPal. 

I strongly recommend you back up your blog before I start working on it.  I have never lost anything before, but just to be on the safe side please back up your template.

I will make one design and set it up on my Tester Blog.  I will send you the link and you can tell me any changes that need to be made.  I allow 1 major redo.  Once I install your design on your blog I give you a 3 day maintenance period.  If anything is not working I will fix it no charge.

If you would like to write a review about your blog please email me at with your review attached.  I will post it on the front page with you first name and last name (optional).  And your blog address below.  

I put my stamp on the bottom of each design.  This is not removable.

Most blog designs use digital scrapbook kits or digital images purchased from istockphoto. As per the Terms of Use on the sites they are purchased from, I cannot share these files with you, and they will only be used for your blog. 

|Custom Designs|
Custom Designs are exactly that. Custom.  Please do not share your designs with anyone.